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Pregnant? We now have a pregnancy confessions blog. (:

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    Just because someone is having a hard time having a child does not give them the right to be complete cunts to those who...
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    No offense at all but it seems that the absolute lovely mumblrs have this vibe when talking about ttc’ers that the...
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    But you wouldn’t say to someone in a wheelchair, “I can walk. You can’t. Get over it.” I mean really, this is about the...
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    ^^ and I love how everyone in the ttc community must hate pregnant women based off of one anonymous confession. If you...
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    If I don’t have the “right” to be bitchy then none of you mumblrs have the right to talk shit about the ttc community....
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    ^^^^ I agree with the statement above!
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    ^THIS ^
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    The confession is certainly snarky. Most people have an idea on how pregnancy happens. But of course there are going to...
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    One conception of mine was while I had implanon, but it was done incorrectly. I was devastated. This woman I worked with...
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    Lol. Wow. I really get annoyed by this confessions website. They just try to find shit.
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    ^ yep.